The Success Story

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Supplier and Manufacturer of Phool Makhana (Hari Om 250gm Pouch Pack), Phool Makhana (Super Gold 500gm/100gm Pouch Pack) and Mix Makhana (Amrit 250gm Pouch Pack) offered by Maruti Makhana Udyog, Madhubani, Bihar, India
The Success Story

This is the success story of a personality, Late Ram Chandra Sah, who was born in a medium class peasant family and started a business of Makhana on a small scale when nobody knew about this crop. In due course of time, his honesty and hardwork lead to the expansion of his business and he was started being known as Makhanawala.

Today, he has left for heavenly abode, but his values are still alive. With his blessings, all his sons and grandchildren are well settled in India and abroad. Our beloved father is a source of inspiration for all of us, who has shown us the road to success through the mantra of hard work and honesty.

Now, we the next generation have taken up the responsibility to follow his footsteps and keep his name and values alive. This will be a real tribute to him and we salute our real hero who has shown us the path of success.